It's the longest party of the weekend and there's nothing quite so euphoric as the release that comes from Hilton Wolman's "White Horizons", the legendary Monday Marathon at Nocturnal. Commencing immediately after Noche Blanca at 5am and continuing until late on Monday afternoon, Miami's Master-of-the-Afterhours, DJ Abel takes his core of dance aficionados on the ultimate uninterrupted musical journey. 

Whether you decide to go directly from Cameo (like the majority), or sleep for a few hours before heading to Nocturnal, you'll experience the best in music, lights and a friendly camaraderie that only happens as the weekend draws to a close. 

Advance tickets on sale now at WhiteParty.org and during the month of October you can save 40% (limited quantity available). Don’t delay - click here to buy yours now. Prices go up on November 1st, so act NOW to get the biggest saving.